Lantern from the Holland & Barrett store building in Swansea.

“Providing specialist advice to the heritage sector.”

The Historic Metalwork Conservation Company Ltd (HMCC Ltd) was originally established in late 2011 to provide advice to all those responsible for the management and preservation of historic metalwork in its many different forms. Its particular emphasis was on historic ironwork, an area felt to be lacking in conservation specialists.

It was founded by Peter Meehan ACR, who has over 35 years experience of working with historic metalwork both big and small, from coins & jewellery to bridges and motor cars. These objects come both from museum collections or as part of our rich outdoor heritage. The conservation challenges they present are all very different.

HMCC’s primary aim is to provide specialist advice to all those who have responsibility for historic metalwork in the public and private sector. Clients include museum staff, heritage engineers, conservation architects, local authority conservation officers, historic building contractors and private individuals looking for professional solutions when dealing with conservation and restoration challenges. The Company’s philosophy and method will ensure that the right approach is taken to the item’s conservation/restoration so its long term preservation can be assured with the minimum amount of intervention.

The Historic Metalwork Conservation Company is listed on the ICON Conservation Register.