The Historic Metalwork Conservation Company is able to offer a range of services to help you achieve the appropriate levels of preservation for your collections. We would be pleased to discuss your requirements and potential involvement in future projects. Do get in touch below.

The high and low tide Dovercourt lighthouses.


Macfarlane lamp post outside the Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds.


Skidmore painted transept screens at Daylesford church in the Cotswolds.


We are able to offer clients the following services:

  • prepare condition reports
  • prepare complete conservation reports
  • prepare specifications for conservation work
  • undertake small scale conservation projects
  • provide leaf gilding services
  • arrange for the analysis and interpretation of historic paint samples
  • provide advice on object care and storage
  • prepare conservation budgets
  • photographic records
  • collections care regimes
  • estimating for conservation work
  • prepare maintenance programmes
  • management of conservation contractors
  • working with and guiding volunteers on some aspects of conservation
  • teaching on metals’ conservation and collections care

Let’s work together to conserve our Nation’s heritage.

Advertising enamel sign from Cookworthy Museum, Kingsbridge, Devon.
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