Peter Meehan ACR

Peter Meehan ACR.

Peter Meehan studied Archaeological Conservation at University College Cardiff in the mid-1980’s and was awarded an Honours Science Degree. After a short period working at the Ancient Monuments Laboratory for English Heritage, Peter went to work as an Objects’ Conservator at the Museum of London.

In 1991 Peter moved to the British Museum to specialise in the conservation of metalwork, particularly those forming part of the ethnographic and oriental collections. In the autumn of 1995 he moved to take up the position of Conservation Manager for the Science Museum, based at their Large Objects’ Store at Wroughton, near Swindon. This holds a very diverse collection of objects from the Museum’s reserve collections, the biggest being a Woods Printing Press (originally from Fleet Street), to transport vehicles and scientific equipment. Peter went on to work as acting site manager before leaving the public sector conservation in early 2001.

Dorothea Restorations Ltd are a specialist architectural and engineering ironwork restoration company. Peter Meehan joined as a pre-contracts manager before taking on a role as one of the Company’s directors based at their Bristol offices. He remained there until the original, business closed in late 2011 after the parent company went into liquidation.

I have the practical skills and experience to enable me to understand what is required to conserve objects and to oversee works from start to finish.

The Cheltenham No. 21 Tram recently assessed for the Local Authority as they decide its future.

Peter has been fortunate to have worked on many important historic objects during his career to date. These have ranged from pieces in National Museum collections, including one of the prototype Austin Seven motor cars, to metalwork associated with many of the UK’s most important buildings and structures, a highlight being Jean Tijou’s ‘Golden Gates’ at Burghley House in Stamford, Lincolnshire.

A consultancy project for UNESCO in 2010 took Peter to Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia, to provide training in museum storage management for those tasked with looking after important collections in the country. He also assisted with the salvage of a large quantity of fine ceramics damaged after an earthquake close to the city of Padang.

In late 2011 Peter Meehan set up his own consultancy business to provide conservation guidance and expertise to those looking after heritage metalwork. Peter became an accredited member of the Institute of Conservation (ICON) in August 2013.

Peter Meehan began a part time Doctorate at Cardiff University in 2017, looking at paint coatings used on historic wrought iron. Painted samples have been placed outside for a period of up to five years and annual assessments are being made to see how the coatings are performing. In addition, he is looking for signs of corrosion and undertaking analysis, including Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy, Oxygen Consumption and Colorimetry to identify how coating failure leads to the onset of corrosion.

Painted wrought iron samples ongoing outdoor ageing. Local environment is being recorded.

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